“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin.

Nothing good is cheap, and Nothing cheap is good!


K Oster August 5, 2017

We chose Justin on the basis of the comments he had received and we were not disappointed – fast, reliable and efficient service with a smile, great results with minimal disruption and the best Staffie around!

L Orwin January 31, 2017 

Fantastic service friendly, on time and just all round great. I would recommend highly to anyone who needs a reliable honest tradesman. Thank you

Sabine444 May 2017

Justin arrived last week to do a couple of things, but mainly to install a new double back door. The old one had rotted away, and the dog had eaten part of the frame too. Did not look good. We got a secondhand double door on Ebay, driven by hope – or naivety. Unfortunately, my measuring does not seem up to scratch, because somehow, the new door was about 3cms too small. I also managed to get a left handed door lock, which did not fit the existing holes. But to my amazement, this was no challenge for Justin. He turned and he twisted, he drilled and hammered and fitted that thing in – including all locks and bolts. He even installed an extra set of patio locks. The French double door now closes with a thud like in a new Mercedes E-class – with high security outfitting.

Justin´s level of skill is simply incredible. He is also a nice guy, utterly trustworthy and reliable. I will recommend him to all my friends constantly in dire need of an excellent handyman. Look no further!


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